• Renovating Your Home

    Renovating Your Home

    Renovating Your Home? Check my FAQ’s! Whether you’re a seller wanting to do some much needed updates prior to selling, or a new homeowner looking to turn your purchase into your dream home, here are answers to your most pressing questions. How do I pick a contractor? Ideally, you want to build the same kind […]


  • Neighborhood Series | Roland Park

    Welcome to my new neighborhood series where each month I will be featuring a different neighborhood in the Baltimore area. Each neighborhood in Baltimore is unique in its own way so it is easy to see why we call our home Charm City. I’ll be featuring a little bit of history and fun facts, highlighting […]


  • 5 Ways to Maximize a Small Space

    Small spaces can be a decorating challenge. If you are down-sizing from a larger home, it can feel especially difficult to find ways to adjust to the smaller environment. But small doesn’t need to mean cramped. Here are 5 great ways to maximize your small space and create a room you love. 1. Use Multi-purpose […]