Growing up my father was in the construction industry and he would often take us out for Sunday drives to visit the homes he was working on. I loved getting to see all the different types of homes that each community around Maryland offered. I fell in love with the architecture, details, and interesting features each home had and of course wanted to move into every one of them.  Many times, we would visit a large new construction development that had a model home with a real estate agent touring families around the beautiful home. I knew from an early age that was what I wanted to do, help families find their dream home.

I began my career in property management specializing in leasing apartments at communities in Baltimore, Ellicott City, and then Arlington, VA. In 2003 I transferred out to the Southwest where I earned my real estate license and began my career of helping families find their dream home. An East Coaster at heart and after selling homes for five years in the Southwest, in 2009 it was time to return to my home state of Maryland.

Having lived in Baltimore City for eight years, I have an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of each neighborhood. I am an expert on all of the restaurants, local shops, and things to do around town. Recently, my family moved a little north to Baltimore County where we are enjoying expansive outdoor space and experimenting with our own restaurant quality meals at home.